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Kraj: Słowacja
Region: Słowacja
Miasto: Bratislava
Ulica: Kopcianska 14
Telefon: +421 2 65411212
Faks: +421 2 65411212
Firm Rank: 0
The company SATEX Ltd. domiciled in Vinosady, Slovak Republic (aprox. 20 km northeast from the capital city Bratislava), started in May 2003 the production of very unique drink - POMEGRANATE JUICE. The drink is a natural product. The main raw material is concentrated pomegranate juice, imported from Aserbaijan; the drink itself is being produced according to the traditional Aserbaijani recipe. The plant in Vinosady is new (both - halls and equipment) and its paramethers are in compliance with[...]

PALISADES, s.r.o. more

Kraj: Słowacja
Region: Słowacja
Miasto: Svidnik
Ulica: 1 maja
Telefon: +421 908 665025
Firm Rank: 0
Distribution company of healthy, EKO, BIO products. The company has been distributing healthy food products within Central and Eastern Europe for several yaers. Main products are 100% juces cold pressed from fresh fruits and vegetables MAURER. MAURER juices have been certified as ORGANIC food. Generations of know how of these processes have added value to this product. On yearly basis, the portfolio of juices increases, where in new season 2007, there are expected 3-4 new flavours to be added to[...]

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